Have you been asked to testify in a legal proceeding? Have you been subpoenaed to do so? It is an opportunity to contribute to the administration of justice.

Testifying in a legal proceeding  is one of life’s great challenges.  Telling the truth is the most important principle. But it’s just the first step. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how attractive you may be. It doesn’t matter how well spoken or how educated you may be. It doesn’t matter if you are going to testify about facts or whether you are an expert witness. The perception of likability varies from case to case and venue to venue.
Helping you testify before the Jury and Judge

The secrets of testifying successfully are unique to the legal situation. And they can be learned. Likablewitness.com is a useful resource for you in becoming the best witness you can be. And contributing to justice as a witness can be a rewarding and meaningful experience in domestic and international forums.   

Helping you prepare for a Deposition

Dr. Robert Gordon is a leading expert in witness preparation. As a forensic psychologist, who is trained in law, he and the WIN faculty have spent over 30 years studying what makes a witness successful.  They have trained more than a thousand witnesses who have truthfully and effectively testified in depositions or before a jury, judge or arbitration panel. They have done so successfully in both complex and simple cases.

With your attorney’s permission,  you are invited to begin the process of becoming the best witness you can be.  Our simple confidential guide leads you through an interesting assessment and learning process.  

Ask your attorney about
the Likable Witness Workshop.

Helping you testify before an Arbitration Panel

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